Natural Pain Therapy

and Alternative Pain Management

Currently the primary Natural Pain Management treatments are K-LASER Therapy and Cryotherapy, other treatments which may be available (outside of COVID-19 restrictions) are:

  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Reflexology

Talk with Marianne about your pain concerns and together a treatment plan may be devised that will be perfect for you and your pain.

K-LASER Therapy

  • Back, Neck, Shoulder, Hip & Knee Pain
  • Sports & Work-related Injuries
  • Nerve Affected Disorders
  • Foot Conditions i.e. Plantar Fasciitis, Fungal Infection etc.
  • Skin Conditions i.e. Rosacea, Cold Sores, Shingles etc
  • Osteo & Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia



Small lesions on the face, nose, eyelids, ears, legs and feet?

These are not considered important enough for surgery and GP surgeries are no longer offering this service free of charge.

Cryotherapy is ideal for these conditions.

Cambridge Pain Therapy clinic provides treatment for a wide range of conditions causing acute or chronic pain.

Natural pain relief and inflammation reduction can be achieved from a short course of laser therapy – a drug free, non-invasive, natural alternative which is scientifically proven to deliver pain and inflammation reduction whilst addressing nerve pathway issues, post-surgical rehabilitation and, in many conditions, accelerating healing of damaged tissue (for example, in sports, work-related or accidental injuries).  

Our primary focus is about pain management and when pain is under control, clients enjoy an improved quality of life – especially when suffering debilitating pain. Clients suffering from arthritis, fibromyalgia, tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendon/hamstring injuries, tendinopathies and sports and work-related injuries have found significant benefit from a course of laser therapy.  The list of conditions that may be alleviated (or resolved) is wide-ranging.

Seeking natural alternative pain management?

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We care about you naturally, using K-LASER, a scientifically proven treatment which is NHS approved, non-invasive and a totally drug-free, natural solution.  Laser therapy has been shown to provide natural pain relief, inflammation reduction and aid in speeding up the healing of damaged tissue whilst reducing scar formation. 

Marianne Hall, clinic owner at Cambridge Pain Therapy, is a qualified holistic therapist with over 3 decades of experience. Her primary work is in offering laser therapy to provide natural pain relief and inflammation reduction for a wide range of both chronic and acute conditions:  arthritis, fibromyalgia, tendinopathies, trapped nerves, joint (shoulder, hip, knee, foot, back, etc.) and tissue inflammation as seen in a variety of work and sports injuries.  Her work is dedicated to providing a tailored approach using K-laser laser therapy and, in some cases, incorporating massage, to optimise mobility and range of movement of clients suffering from painful, debilitating acute and chronic conditions.

A course of laser therapy can, alongside providing natural pain relief and inflammation reduction, work to optimise nerve pathway regulation and, in acute injuries, has been proven to accelerate healing of damaged tissue whilst reducing scar tissue formation.  Marianne operates from her clinic in Oxford Road, Cambridge and welcomes clients from Cambridge city, Cambridgeshire, and surrounding counties.

Membership of the British Medical Laser Association and Federation of Holistic Therapists is important, and, during the COVID national lockdown, she studied to attain Certification in Prevention of Cross Infection in a Post-COVID World to ensure the safest possible environment for clients attending her Cambridge Pain Therapy clinic.  Her qualifications include:

  • Diploma in Class IV Laser Therapy
  • Diploma in Cryotherapy
  • IFPA Aromatherapy
  • IIHHT Remedial Massage
  • IIHHT Reflexology

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Kind and Caring

Marianne Hall is a very capable and knowledgeable holistic and massage therapist. She has an advanced level of understanding and clinical application of laser therapy. Within her clinical practice she is able to provide K-Laser to a wide variety of acute and chronic wound and musculoskeletal conditions. She is a kind and caring individual who will always do the best for the individual person and their ailments.

Great Treatments!

Marianne gives great treatments! I would thoroughly recommend K-laser therapy. It is certainly the best treatment for sciatica – I tried osteopaths, physiotherapy, massage and TENS but K-laser worked the best!

Reduced my Recovery Time

I was excited to see the difference it would make to my knee after my 4th surgery in 5 and a half years. I can testify that after the 2nd treatment the swelling had reduced significantly and my range of movement with it. Having had 3 surgeries previously I can honestly say that the K-Laser treatment has reduced my recovery time significantly.

Pain Totally Resolved

I injured my knee playing tennis and could hardly walk. I had K-laser treatment for the acute pain and after 2 short sessions, the pain totally resolved.

Range of Movement Improved Considerably

I run, cycle and ski was experiencing a great deal of pain from both my Achilles Tendons which was having a big impact on my quality of life. During my initial consultation I was advised that I may need several sessions of K-laser for my chronic pain. I had a very successful first session and immediately following the treatment, I had, literally, no pain. I discussed this with Marianne, the K-laser therapist, who advised the pain relief may only be temporary but, in fact, it lasted for several days. I then had another top up and the pain subsided until quite recently. My range of movement of the ankles and in my sporting activities has improved considerably. I can recommend both the K-laser therapy and the practical, professional approach Marianne offered in treating my condition.

Amazed How Much Relief I Gained

When Marianne first met me, I was in a dreadful state! I was amazed how much relief I gained after the first treatment and it felt wonderful to be pain free as a result of the treatment programme. All other therapies had failed to deliver what the K-laser did for me.” I have had laser therapy before but K-laser is different. The results have been good but, with fibromyalgia, it is important to have the ‘top up’ treatments when symptoms start to return.

Greater Movement

I am amazed at the improvement in my right hand. There has been significant improvement in the area below my thumb which, previously, looked withered and concave. After K-laser therapy it has plumped up, looks healthy and with far greater movement of the thumb. My lumbar area and knee is much less painful and has enabled me to reduce medication.

Much Improved

Fabulous! My neck is 10 times better than it was – I had previously been waking up with the pain and now it’s so much improved.

Just wish I had known about the treatment earlier!

My Knees Were Back to Normal

As a 66-year-old man who has played active sports for most of my life (football, cricket, squash and tennis) I found my legs were susceptible to all kinds of cramps. I tried pills, max flex Gel, and a TENS pain relieve to give me some kind of comfort. This did its best but never relieved them.
Fortunately, Marianne Hall suggested I should come along and try her K-laser treatment and reflexology. She recommended a 6-session course of treatment. This really started to work. I was active and could not believe my knees were back to normal, and then we had the Covid pandemic.
When she reopens her clinic I shall return, its great value, and I know there is no amount of money to give you back your health.

the improvement is significant

I suffered a minor tear to my hamstring during lock down and, after some rest, acupuncture and rehabilitation exercises, was still having trouble with muscle fatigue, stiffness and movement limitations. My osteopath suggested trying K-laser treatment and, after 3 sessions with Marianne, the improvement is significant. I am able to play a round of golf now with little ill effect, something which has not been possible for several months.

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COVID-19 – care for visits

The team at Cambridge Pain Therapy we strive in every way possible to make your visit as safe and successful as possible.

During the Covid Pandemic we have implemented special procedures to always keep our visitors safe, details can be found in visitor guidance.